Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Month Of Thankfulness - Post #8

A little over a year ago, Kyle and I attended our first Bradley Birthing class. That night, we met a fun couple, Trent & Emily. Little did we know that they would become dear friends of ours as Emily and I went through pregnancy together, hearing of each others daughter's birth, and enjoying play dates and dressing our girls alike for pictures (they are only five days apart!).

Emily not only became a great friend, but also a wonderful sounding board and confidant as we talked through mommy and parenting questions. There are no telling how many late night texts we have sent each other, trying to figure something out (like our daughter's sleeping/eating schedule, etc...). There have been many opportunities for us to pray for each other and seek to encourage each other. Emily has been so gracious to offer wise and biblical counsel and encouragement too. I highly value her friendship and I'm so very thankful for her!

Sadly, yet at the same time excitingly, Trent and Emily are moving to Georgia this week because the Lord has called them there to plant a gospel-centered church. We are thrilled for them yet already miss them! However, God has given them a wonderful passion and vision for serving the "churched" and inviting them to hopefully better understand the importance of living in gospel community, holding each other accountable, using scripture to counsel life's daily trials and struggles, etc... They seek to plant a church that is not programmatic but rather that emphasizes living truly gospel-drenched lives in community with one another. That is what churches should be like! It's so easy to get lost in so many church programs and expectations that we lose sight of the purpose of the community of believers gathering!

Our daughters, both named Abigail Grace.

Abby Grace and Abigail holding hands. Sweet little friends!

So, for today, I am so very thankful for Emily and what a blessing she has been in my life!
Love you, sweet friend!

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