Monday, January 9, 2012

Bible Reading Plan

As this new year has begun, I have been slow to work on new years resolutions due to having a pretty crazy schedule since returning from our Christmas trip to Georgia on new years eve. I started nannying full time again in our home and was preparing for the arrival of my parents for a short visit. It was a wonderful week but this week, I am ready to get into the swing of "normal" life again.

Among my resolutions this year is to read the Bible through. I have started this many times yet very sadly have failed to make it the whole way through in a year. :-( However, this year, I really want to make this happen! I am using The Legacy Reading Plan  found here which assigns books of the Bible per month to read. I believe this will help me because if I get behind it won't be so frustrating looking at all the many chapters I need to catch up on. Instead, I can just continue on for that book assigned to that particular month. In the past, I have definitely found my reading to be much more consistent when I took a book of the bible at a time vs. random chapters from various books.

I am really looking forward to growing in this way in the coming year! I know it will take much persistence and discipline from the Lord to make this happen (especially with baby #2 coming in May!!). Thankfully, the Lord's grace is sufficient! :-)

What plans have you found helpful?

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