Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tis' the Season!

Tonight we set up our Christmas tree. The girls LOVE it! Here are a few pictures:

Growing up we always drank Egg Nog while setting up our Christmas decorations. We have continued this tradition in our little family. Even Abigail enjoyed some tonight!

Daddy and Kaitlin

(Sorry the pictures are a little dark!)

Kaitlin loved the tree especially!

Play time with Daddy!

It's the best!

"Helping" Mommy fluff the branches.

I sure do love this little girl!! It's so fun that she can actually take part this year!

Of course, we all wore snuggly clothes to set up the tree... and listened to Christmas music!

Abigail thought the lights were so cool and kept asking us to turn the living room lights off! Haha

Abigail saying "wow!!"

Kaitlin's turn! :-)

We ended our evening allowing the girls to stay up late and watch a new princess movie on TV. :-) Abigail enjoyed it and actually sat through the movie and watched it. Of course, we snuggled underneath our Christmas snowflake blanket!

Can't wait to capture more fun family times as Christmas draws near!

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  1. awww so fun and cute! I love holiday fun having a little growing family!! :) :)