Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abigail at 8 Months

So I'm a little late in posting Abigail's 8 months photos, but we're on vacation so hopefully there is a little grace. ;-) (Of course, I totally missed her 7 month photos on here. Oops!) Abigail is growing and changing SO much! Here are some fun little things she's doing now:

*Crawling EVERYWHERE! (Since 6 months old!)
*Pulling up on everything and standing.
*Taking steps while holding onto things.
*She says "Da-Da" ... so adorable!
*She cut her bottom two front teeth about two weeks ago.
*Crawling up steps
*She loves to spit and do funny things with her tongue.
*She loves to hear her voice and squeal at the top of her lungs!
*She loves to play peek-a-boo and can place something in front of her face and then remove it... to play with us.
*She definitely notices when people or dogs have left the room and looks for them.
*She LOVES real dogs!
*She loves to laugh and giggle and is pretty ticklish!
*She loves to eat... especially whatever is on MY plate! haha...

So it was hard to get any really good pictures of Abigail because she was constantly moving. Haha... but here they are:

 Abigail absolutely loves my parent's dog, Ellie!
 She is always trying to catch Ellie's tail.
 She caught it!
This was her look of excitement when she caught the tail! However, Ellie was quick and you can see her tail in the bottom left corner of the picture as she quickly jumped down off the chair once Abigail grabbed her tail. Hehe...
 She learned how to crawl up my parent's kitchen/office steps. 

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