Thursday, May 12, 2011

Look What I Can Do!!!

So last Saturday, the day before Mother's Day, it dawned on me, as I lay on the floor next to Abigail playing with her, that I hadn't really worked with her on sitting up. Sure, she's been sitting up on her own in our laps or in the bumbo for some weeks, but not much on her own. So I spent the rest of the afternoon helping her to learn how to balance herself. I would sit her up with a couple toys in front of her and would keep my hand on one of her legs to help weigh her down if she started to lean too far or fall over. She caught on quickly and has been progressively getting better each day. Now, I just wrap a blanket around the back of her to brace her if she falls, but I'm able to go about the apartment and do what I need to, while Miss Abigail is just sitting in the living room, rummaging through her toy basket and sucking on things. It's adorable!

 Contentedly playing...
hmmm... which one to suck on first?
Aren't I such a big girl now? 
This opens up a whole new world to her!


  1. ahhh! she is so cute sitting all content and big-girl-like!!

  2. She is so grown up!! I just can't believe it!