Monday, August 18, 2014

What's Been Happening...

Hello friends and family!

It's been a while since I've been on here but there is so much that has happened in our family over the last few months. The Lord has been so very faithful as He has lead us and provided for us! Here is a quick look at all that has happened.

 Kyle GRADUATED from Southern Seminary on May 16th!!
He received his masters in Family Ministry and Discipleship. I am SO very proud of him for his hard work over the last 6 years as he took classes and worked hard to provide for his family!!

Both of our families came to Kentucky to encourage us and support us as Kyle graduated!

Three weeks later... WE MOVED TO TEXAS!!!

The Lord provided a massive truck for us to move our little apartment in. 
 Our girls were so excited to see the BIG yellow truck and even to this day, when Kaitlin sees a big Penske truck driving past us, she yells out "there's our big truck!" haha... 

 So many guys came to help Kyle load the truck and a few girls came too to help me clean the apt. We could not have done it all without their amazing help! My parents also stayed in Louisville for THREE weeks to help us pack up and move. My Mom helped me drive our car and the girls to Texas too. SUCH A BLESSING! 
 Then came all the many sad goodbyes. There were many tears shed and so many friendships that we hold so very dear. We still consider Kentucky our family's home because of the many years, friendships, and memories that we shared there.

 Our dear friends threw us a going away party! It meant so very much! 
 These wonderful friends were our Louisville family. We love them all (plus many others not pictured) so very much! 


Back in March, when my Grandfather died in Texas, the Lord miraculously provided for our family to fly down and attend his funeral. While we were in Texas, we both felt individually the Lord drawing our hearts to be apart of my home church, Calvary Bible. We went out for a date together and Kyle brought up the desire in his heart and I excitedly echoed that the Lord had placed the same desire in my heart. Knowing what a solid church it is, we felt that we could plug in there in hopes to be trained for further ministry in the future. We don't know if the Lord will call us to full-time ministry in the future or just lay-ministry, but either way, we wanted to be connected into a church that could provide us with much training. 

We began to pray that if the Lord wanted us in Texas that He would provide a job and a home for us. Within just two months the Lord had provided BOTH! In June, Kyle started working for Voss Lighting, a 75 year old Christian Lighting Company. He loves his job and works with wonderful, godly men. We also began renting my Grandparents' home for a season until we find our new family home here. The house is on 5 acres of land and we get to wake up to beautiful Texas sunrises and enjoy the shade of a ton of trees that surround our house. Did I mention... its a HOUSE? We've always lived in apartments our whole married life so living in a house with a yard has been such a blessing for our family! 

Our girls absolutely LOVE playing in their big yard! They daily go outside to collect bugs and feathers. :-)

Our family is so very thankful for the ways that He is leading us and for all the provisions He has made for us during this season of life. We are thrilled to be in Texas now, although we miss our Georgia and Kentucky family. We are excited to see how the Lord will grow us and lead us as we seek to be faithful in each season. 

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